Camp Daniel Boone

June 18 to 25 2005

On June 18th we all arrived in the parking lot in the early morning to begin our eight hour journey to Canton, NC. We headed out with Burt Jordan (Nick Gagnon, Patrick Jordan, Robert Jordan, and Courtney Russell) Tracy Considine (Patrick Considine, Ethan Fenner, Jason Mollenhour and Jimmy Mollenhour) and Brad Saad (John Harper, Carter Pardee, Hunter Pardee and Bradley Saad). We ate lunch at Burger King on I 26 in South Carolina we then finally arrived to Camp Daniel.

 When we arrived at Chickawanee we where told by our camp ranger Jesse that we where actually assigned to Pasquotank which was actually a better camp. Saturday night we went to Jukebox Junction where we ate dinner and we then arrived back at the camp. We decided our tent mates that night: Patrick Cosidine bunked with  Jimmy Mollenhour, Ethan Fenner bunked with Jason Mollenhour, Nick Gagnon and Courtney Russell took the fourth tent, John Harper and Robert Jordan were bunkmates, Patrick Jordan and Burt Jordan, Carter Pardee and Hunter Pardee, Bradley Saad and Brad Saad, Tracy Considine.

The next day we prepared our own Breakfast and then Mr. Considine and Mr.Saad took some kids to mass but we they didnít return on time they made up a story when Mr. Considine did not buckle his seatbelt so when he tried to bribe the police but was beaten with a nightstick so our patrols where called nightstick and seatbelts. After lunch we then took a tour of the camp. After the tour when we where about to take our swimming tests a storm came up a we found ourselves in a mud hole. We then went to dinner in the mess hall and after signed up for classes.

Patrick Considine (Archery, Lifesaving, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation and Indian Lore) Ethan Fenner (First Aid, Basketry, Leatherwork, Indian Lore and Environmental Science) Nick Gagnon ( Shotgun, Climbing and Going Great ) John Harper ( First Aid, Archery and Going Great ) Patrick Jordan ( Mammal Study, Reptiles and Amphibian Study, Fingerprinting, First Aid and Indian Lore) Robert Jordan ( Soil and Water Conservation, Mammal Study, Reptiles and Amphibian Study, Weather and Fingerprinting ) Jason Mollenhour ( Fingerprinting, First Aid, Basketry, Kayaking and Woodcarving ) Jimmy Mollenhour ( First Aid, Canoeing, Cooking, Basketry and Indian Lore ) Carter Pardee ( Rifle, Woodcarving, Archery, Cooking and Basketry ) Hunter Pardee ( leatherwork, Shotgun, Basketry and Going Great) Courtney Russell ( Leatherwork, Cooking and Going Great ). That night we had our skits along the water front to of Lake Allen to see the skits and the opening of Camp Daniel Boone.

The next day we began our classes and that evening had the first event of the Mountain Men Competition in Archery. On Tuesday we went to the headquarters of Raft USA and we then headed to the headwaters of the Nanahala River where we began our journey down the class one and class two rapids. We then headed down Nanahala Falls when on the way down Courtney Russell fell into river. That afternoon Mountain Men Competition in Aquatics. On Wednesday we had to dress in our Hawaiian shirts and that evening we had our luau at the pavilion.

On Thursday we had the Mountain men Competition in Rifle. In the evening we made our own dinner at camp for the scouts who where doing Going Great and Cooking. On Friday we had our last merit badge classes and then since Carter and Hunter had to leave early Patrick and Robert left Friday night with their dad. They finished up the Mountain Men Competition at the Scoutcraft. Then the closing of the camp ceremony and then the rest of Troop 382 left the Saturday morning.


Robert Jordan

Troop Historian